This API is for the querying, delivery and retirement of Isometric Carbon Credits issued on the Isometric Registry.

Key Concepts

Credit Batches

A ‘Credit Batch’ is a grouping of 1 or more credit units, where each credit unit represents 1kg of CO₂e removed.

When credits are initially Issued, they will be batched together. When subsequent transactions are made using these credits, including deliveries, retirements and transfers, a batch might be split to make this possible.

All credits in batch will always have the same initial Supplier, Project and Issuance.

Credit Batch Splitting

If the quantity of credits in a transaction request (delivery, transfer or retirement) does not match the full size of the submitted credit batches, the batches submitted will be split in order to transact the exact credit amount requested.

When a credit batch is split, it’s status will be updated to SPLIT and it can no longer be interacted with.

Two child batches represented the two halves of the split are created with an ACTIVE status. The child batches will have a parent_id set pointing at the orginally split batch. From the parent split batch, you can find it’s two children via the left_child_id and right_child_id fields.